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Do you ever experience if your living room plays more than a living room role? For example besides it is a living room, you also store our books collection or whatever collection that you have there? If yes, then you need to adjust some of your living room furniture. Eastman, offers us TV stands Costco that equipped with a storage unit.

That Eastman, TV console table can accommodate up to 60 inch flat screen TV (a 152.4 cm one). The smaller the TV is, the more space will you have in the table top. The table also manages a wiring section to ease us in doing the wire management. This brown veneered console table is made of wood combined with glasses for several parts. It is an elegant classy look that will come to your living room. Below the top table there are adjustable shelf and ample space for various goods. There is also a glass door space to keep collections. The price for this Eastman TV Stands is $399.99

There are just some reviews that said this is a good product sine the purchase that already quite long (about a year) but it is still stand firm in the living room, supporting TV and storing collections. The possible unpleasant thing happen is during the shipping. Some says that they got their TV console table in scratched edge. It should be covered in the warranty or the protection plan fund (depend on the courier). Some already called the manufacturer and got the new one. But if you think scratch is not a big matter for you then it is okay. Just be prepared for that. We do not know what will happen in the shipping process.

The second product is Pacifica 63” media console from Epoch design. It costs almost twice than the previous console table, $799.99 It makes me startled at first but let us see the explanation why is the price so far away. First about the material, it is made of solid wood that professionally crafted from havea hardwood and New Zealand Radiata wood. The finishing technique uses veneered for the back panels and lacquered in rich espresso multi-coat lacquer. The top surface of the table is finished with an extra hard topcoat (urethane).

This makes the top surface of the table anti-scratch one.  This material and finishing technique create a firm, glossy, and elegant TV console table. Pacifica TV console can manage up to 70” flat screen TV and can accommodate man DVDs and other collections, since it has a generous storing space. Just like the modern furniture manufacturers, Pacifica plant a able wiring system to its console table, to ease us make the wire look tidy. Having glass door storage it invites you to keep your artistic collection there. Each knob in the storage system and the drawer are made of satin nickel, make it a soft, shine, and firm knob. Though this Pacifica is quite expensive but it is worth spending money. Some reviewers acknowledge that it is expensive but it is a great investment for their room. The shipping issue also does not bother this console table performance.

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