Tufted button headboards for full size beds for French style bedroom

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Safety and comfort are two inseparable thing sought by people once they decorate or build a house. These basic principles are also applied once they picking up furniture. First of all they will choose a safe stuff for their life. This safety concerns will be increased automatically once people are gaining new family member, and the stuff is for the new member of the family. Second principle is about comfort. Once the safety is guaranteed, comfort is the thing that people looking for. It is no surprise that some house appliances created to serve those two things at once. Headboards for full size beds are example for such appliance.

Headboard is being attached to bed in order to give space for head, or back leaning while you are watching your favorite TV show or blu-ray. In the same time, a headboard also acts as a safety keeper to avoid direct contact from the wall. Therefore, if you are a kind of dynamic sleeper, you can less worry that you will get hurt in your sleep. At least in one side you have safety keeper to guard you.

Three Posts, a recommended brand for house appliances, takes three of its headboards collection to be introduced to us. Its collection is suitable for contemporary bedroom which embraces the modern look and the functionality. The compatible size itself is full size bedroom. Thus, it will be suitable for your master bedroom. To have detail information, let us look at the collection one by one.

The first headboard is the Hanley Upholstered Panel Headboard. This button-tufted tailoring headboard is made off from solid wood, upholstered in Ivory finished 100% polyester fabric. It offers soft surface in sweeping curves with straight lines. Its beautiful and stylish design will be a nice complement if you have a French styled room. Yet it will be still a great company for modern and contemporary home decoration. This Hanley headboard is not a freestanding one. it must be attached to a bed to be able to stand. Three Posts tag this Hanley series with $219.99 backed up with 10 years of warranty.

The second choice of headboard is Crawley Upholstered Wingback Headboard. This elegant headboard is categorized as a must have item in bedroom d├ęcor due to its beauty and elegance. Appeared with button tufted wingback style, this unique headboard is beautifully wrapped in black Linen upholstery that makes it impossible to be resisted. This $294.99 can be cleaned used wet cloth to remove paint from the headboard.

Now, the last is Woodbury Upholstered Wingback Headboard. As indicated already by the series name, this headboard is made off from topical hardwood and plywood frames. This mixture is upholstered in polyester blend with foam grade. It creates a soft, and firm area for leaning. This $173.99 headboard will be a wide range complement. It will be suitable for either your classical look bedroom or a functional contemporary one.

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