Classic look white iron daybed for small spaces

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A small living space requires you to be creative in arranging the furniture, picking up the right one, and most important is to look for and see if there is possibility that furniture can serve two functions at once. The fact that living space is becoming rare and rare urges people to find solution at least for they themselves to maximize any corner in their home to be used, and to maximize the ability of one furniture. Thus, in recent time there comes, bed with storage, bench with storage, or white iron daybed act as a sleeper and sofa at once.

A daybed is also furniture that is usually used both for bed and sofa functions. The shape of daybed that features a body board on one side makes this piece looks like a sofa but in twin size. Usually such bed is placed in a room were the owners has no rigid separator between sleeping time and other activity. Therefore, it is designed to be able to accommodate many activities besides sleeping. Recently, People put daybed in their living room or family room to provide comfort lounging space while enjoying the favorite TV show or DVD’s movie.

Some daybed is equipped with trundle bed as well. Trundle bed is an additional bed. It usually only consists of a mattress planted in a box case equipped with wheels. Since it is additional, it is usually being slided below a daybed.  Yet, not all daybed is equipped with such trundle.

If you are interested in putting a daybed in your house, no matter which room it is, here are a little references for you. One, it is the offers from Three Posts, Sardinia Daybed. This white metal frame daybed is coming without a trundle attached to it. Featuring a simple, slatted pilar design it is a nice piece to create a vintage or shabby chic look. Complete it with mattress, and patterned pillows for a nice lounging space. There is no exact guide on the mattress thickness for this daybed. As long as the size is matching, you can put any mattress from any thickness to this bed. A mesh grid is present to support the mattress. This simple look daybed will cost you $519.00 a worth amount for a simple furniture that can complement any interior design.

The other choice is Barium Daybed from Andover Mills. This daybed is showing a slatted design and neutral finish. It will be nice to be your living room company. As a sleeping company you will need to install a comfort mattress on this simple look daybed. Place this furniture in a sunny spot, it will be an inviting place to finish your latest reading book. This metal frame daybed can accommodate any types of mattress, recommended between 6” – 10”. This $186.30 daybed can also accommodate a pop up trundle below it.

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